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Zinox Laptop Webcam Not Working? Here Is How To Turn It On

Since I bought my Zinox Laptop from a friend in Nigeria, I’ve been finding it difficult to use the in-built webcam not until today that I finally figured it out.

“Imaging devices” not showing up in “Device Manager”, no webcam program in the “Programs” list and even the ‘Webcam Installer” on the Zinox computer keeps saying “no device found” whenever I click on it. Just imagine how this can frustrate a user.

So, How Did You Turn On Webcam On Zinox Laptop?

I checked through “Control Panel” and discovered “BisonCam” and “Chiconycam”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find these programs in my PC “Programs’ list and no shortcut on the desktop either. So, I decided to navigate to “Program Files” in my C drive to launch them from there.

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BisonCam prompted me to turn on the webcam by pressing “Fn” and “F10” on my keyboard and that’s how I figured it out.

I pressed the two buttons, double-clicked on “Chiconycam” icon in “Program Files” and it worked.

I now use Chiconycam to capture video from my webcam on my Zinox.

Hopefully this will help you too.

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