$49 Google Hands-on Nest Mini

So, two years ago google released a Home mini, a bluetooth speaker which comes equipped with the google assistant. The device is more like a part of the Google Smart Home system.  Now, Google’s back with the $49 Hands-on Nest mini. It has most of the Home mini’s features but it’s an upgrade.

Google has improved the speaker by making it a little larger, with better sound and still housing it with the same-sized body. Google also improved the machine learning-assisted audio tuning for the smart speaker. The controls have been improved, and I must say create an interesting user experience.

There are three capacitive buttons on the Nest mini; volume up, volume down, and the play and pause button. Google also added a couple of small indicator lights showing where to tap for volume. There is also an ultrasonic sensor that  tells when your hand gets near and automatically turns on the lights, this feature excites me because I think its cute and unique when it comes to bluetooth speakers. The light on either side displays the increase and decrease button for the volume. This exciting device also has dynamic volume adjustment which adjusts the sound based on background noise.

The power jack is a custom barrel plug similar to the Home mini. Also an added feature is the hole behind the Nest mini which enables you to hang it in any part of your house. The other “control” that’s potentially interesting is the computer that runs Assistant. Google says that it has an improved machine learning model that can learn which commands you use over time and convert more of them to run locally. So, for example, it could turn your lights on and off without having to make an extra round trip of sending that request to and from Google’s servers. It comes in Chalk, Charcoal, Coral and Sky colors. It’s definitely a stunning new product to add to your home gadgets.

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