Amazon Treats Gadget lovers to new Echo earbuds, framebuds, and ringbud.

Amazon announced more than a few devices today during an event at its headquarters in Seattle, and it was the smallest gadgets that made the biggest impression. The company built Alexa into earbuds, glasses and a ring with the Echo Buds, Echo Frames and Echo Loop, respectively.

The Echo buds which are my personal favorites have two modes: noise reduction mode and passthrough mode which you can switch between by double tapping either of the buds. The noise reduction mode cancels out noise and has a sealed-in ear design for noise reduction, while the passthrough provides a quick and clear version of surrounding noise even with music playing and it blends smoothly.

Echo Buds work with the Alexa app to stream music, play Audible audiobooks, make calls, or get directions. The Echo Buds also support access to other assistants like Siri or the google assistant simply by pressing and holding your ear buds. It has a long lasting battery that lasts up to 5 hrs music playback per charge, up to 2 hrs with a 15-min quick charge, and up to 20 hrs with the charging case. These buds would definitely add some spice to your personal work out routine and for music and gadget lovers it’s a super amazing product.

Now the Echo Frames are glasses that can be customized with your prescription (if you have one), though thick they are really light.


The arms of the glasses contain and protect the Alexa hardware, the underside of the right arm has an activation button and a volume rocker, as well as the port for magnetic charging. The shiny sides are touch sensitive, you can answer calls by swapping or communicate with Alexa. I think it’s cute because it’s said to sound like someone whispering in your ear, with clear speech and quick execution of commands by Alexa. Each arm has two speakers inside, each of which has two “ports,” one on top and one on bottom.

For privacy you can configure your Echo Frames so that only certain things get played automatically so people don’t unintentionally eavesdrop on a private chat or text.

Finally, we have the Echo Loop. It’s a ring you can use to ask Alexa questions and hear the answers. The inside of the ring is where you’ll find the tiny speaker and the microphone.

For the Echo Loop you activate Alexa by tapping a button and the ring vibrates letting you know you can now speak your commands or questions to it.  Afterwards you cup the ring to your ear for a response. It’s portable and really useful for situations where you don’t want to pull out your phone from your purse or pocket.

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