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How To Change IP Address On Android Phone

If for some reasons, you decide to change the IP address of your Android phone, you can try using Opera Max mobile app.

The app compresses and reroutes data using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which of course is responsible for changing the IP address of your Android mobile phone.

How To Use Opera Max App

Once installed, launch the app and enable VPN access for the app by tapping on the “connect” button. Thereafter, you’ll see a key icon in the status bar indicating Opera Max is active.

opera max connect vpn

change ip address with opera max

How To Check Your IP Address On Android

You can confirm the change in IP Address by visiting on a browser eg Firefox for Android. You can use any website that lets you find ip address location.

You can as well disconnect the Opera Max VPN connection to check your default IP address.

You can download the app from Google Play store or download Opera Max apk for your Android.

It is worth noting that Opera Max not only changes your IP address, but also helps you in saving data when you stream music, watch videos online on your mobile device.

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