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Chat On Whatsapp From PC With Firefox, Chrome and Opera Browser


If you want to chat on Whatsapp from PC, follow me through the steps below:

==> Ensure the Whatsapp on your phone is up to date. You can download latest version here.
==> Launch your Opera, Chrome or Firefox browser and go to

You will see a QR code as seen in the screenshot below:

Whatsapp chat on firefox, opera chrome

==> Launch the Whatsapp on your phone. Go to “Menu” and tap “Whatsapp Web”. Then tap “Ok, Got it”
==> Move your phone closer to your PC screen so you can easily scan the QR code with the Whatsapp on your phone.

If scanned successfully,  your Whatsapp should now display on your web browser.

You have now paired WhatsApp on your phone with the WhatsApp web client. Your phone has to be switched on, needs to stay connected to the internet for the web client to work.

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