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How I Send Photos From Phone To Computer Using WhatsApp Web and Mobile App


Yesterday, I took some screenshots on my phone so I can use them in the blog post where I explained how to make free calls with Whatsapp for Android.

After taking the screenshots, I thought of a way I can easily send the photos from the phone to my laptop without using email, dropbox, onedrive etc. So, I decided to try Whatsapp and it worked 🙂

This will easily work for you if you are using Whatsapp on at least two different phones. If not, there is a way out too. Just keep calm 🙂

All you need to do is to download and install the latest Whatsapp on one of your smartphones and activate “Whatsapp Web” on your PC web browser.

You can download latest Whatsapp from Google Play or Whatsapp website. (apk)

In my case, I use Whatsapp on my Blackberry Q10 and my Android phone. I enabled “Whatsapp Web” on my Android.

So, to send pictures to my PC, all I need to do is to attach the photos in a chat and send to my other Whatsapp number. Thereafter, I go to on my PC web browser to open the chat.

Next is to right-click on the photos to save them to my PC.

That’s all.

If you don’t have another whatsapp account, you can send them to a friend but you will have to tell him/her to ignore the photos. If not, the person might think you’re high on cheap weed…lol

Try it and I can bet you will love it 😉

NB: This requires internet connection.


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