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Download Taptu Feeds Reader App for Blackberry, Android and iOS

taptu mobile reader

UPDATE: Taptu shutting down; hence you might not be able to download the apps.

Taptu is a mobile feeds reader app I use on my Blackberry q10, my Android and my iPad for reading latest updates from all my favorite blogs. It is a curated platform that pulled news and other stories from both a user’s own social networks and a series of pre-made topical feeds.

Taptu offers a great looking, customizable homepage with other cool features like the ability to add sources and feeds from Facebook, Twitter and other online content providers.

As its tagline suggests, Taptu allows users to mix and match their RSS feeds via a DJ button located at the top right of each content “stream” (basically a subfolder of one or more feeds). Once in this DJ mode, users can drag and drop individual feeds into streams, dress the feeds up via an unnecessarily prominent color-switching module, and move the streams around within the main viewing area.

Getting started with Taptu is super simple, you can either sign up using your Google account, Facebook account, LinkedIn account or your Twitter account. After signing up Taptu will prompt you to add your interests and will automatically add feeds from various websites of the topics you chose alternatively, you can add your custom websites and feeds later on.

Once you have set up and received all the content you want to access with the Taptu client, you can now start enjoying one of the most important parts of Taptu, reading your content.

Taptu allows users to share articles and bookmark articles or other type of content to read, share or interact with it later.

Where To Download Taptu Mobile App

You can  download Taptu for Blackberry 10 from the app world.

You can download taptu for Android here.

You can download taptu for iOS here.

You can also access Taptu for PC at

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