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Code To Transfer Glo Airtime Not Working? Try This Trick

Earlier today while trying to buy Glo airtime using First bank mobile app, I mistakenly purchased #3,000 airtime instead of #300. See ehn, the mistake really “weakened” me. lol

Instantly, I started making calls to see who I can sell the airtime to and within few tries, I was able to get two friends who are willing to pay for the airtime. So, all I need to do is to use Glo EasyShare service to transfer the airtime to their Glo numbers after which they will send the money to me.

Unfortunately, when I tried the glo airtime transfer code, I was just getting the error message : “Transaction failed. Credit transaction of requested amount not allowed“…

When I got fed up of the error, I called Glo customer care and I was advised to change to another Glo tariff plan.

After I migrated to Glo Yakata Plan, I was able to transfer the airtime successfully.

So, if you are experiencing same or similar problem, migrate to another Glo tariff plan.

Glo Jollific8 tariff plan

How To Transfer Glo Airtime To Another Glo Number

To transfer glo airtime, dial :

*131*MSISDN of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password#

For example, if your password is 00000 and you want to transfer N50 to a customer with MSISDN 08051234567, then you dial *131*08051234567*50*00000#.

Default password is 00000.

You can check out Glo Me2U Codes here for info on how to change your Me2U password as well as the airtime transfer limits.

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