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How To Connect EzCast To Mac and TV

EZCast WiFi display adapters enable users to cast the videos, photos, games and files from iPAD/iPhone/Macbook, Android phones/tablet PCs, PC/Notebook, to HDTV or projector through HDMI port wirelessly. In this post, I want to quickly guide you on how to connect and use your EzCast TV dongle with your Macbook and TV.

This is the simple trick I use to connect my Macbook Pro to my TV wirelessly.

Requirements To Connect EzCast To Mac and TV


EzCast Screen Mirroring From Macbook To TV : The Steps

  1. Download Ezcast for Mac and Install it on your Macbook.
  2. Plug your Ezcast HDMI dongle to the HDMI port of your HDTV
  3. Plug the Ezcast dongle’s USB cable to the USB port of your TV or to any other power source eg power bank
  4. Switch your TV function to HDMI. You should see Ezcast SSID and password displayed on the TV screen
  5. Turn On Wi-Fi on your Macbook
  6. You should see the Ezcast “Vinsmart” network in the list of available networks. Click it and enter the password displayed on your TV screen, if prompted.
  7. If connected OK, the Airplay icon will display right beside the Wi-Fi signal icon on the menu bar.
  8. Click on it and click on the EzCast SSID.


mirror macbook screen to hdtv


Your Macbook screen should now be displaying on your TV screen.

Navigate to the folder that contains your movies and start watching them on the bigger screen 😉

Kindly note that the Ezcast application for Mac supports extension and mirror with audio transmission. It also supports music streaming.

You can download EzCast for Windows 7 & 10 .

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