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DC Unlocker Showing No Modem Found? Try This Solution

Yesterday, when I asked a friend if I could unlock Glo bolt modem (Huawei e303s-1) by making use of the Dc Unlocker 2 client, he told me to send the firmware version of the Glo bolt internet dongle. I quickly downloaded the unlocker, installed it and launched it so I can get the firmware version for him.

Unfortunately, after clicking on the magnifying glass icon so that the unlocker can detect the internet modem, it returned a “modem not found” error as seen in the screenshot below :

internet modem not found

I told him what happened and he told me that for me to fix the problem, I must ensure that :

  • all drivers are installed or whatever else comes in device’s drive
  • modems connection software/WEBUI/Dashboard is installed, but not running.
  • modem is not connected to internet
  • I select “Auto-detect” on DC-unlocker “select model” line.

It was then I discovered that it might be as a result of my modem which was connected to the internet.

So, I disconnected it and closed the interface ( File > Exit).

Thereafter, I launched the dc unlocker software again and it was able to detect my Glo Bolt e303 modem successfully.

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