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Can I Unlock Glo Bolt e303s-1 Modem With Dc Unlocker Software?

Dc Unlocker software is a well known modem unlocking software that has been used by many to unlock mtn modems, glo modems, etisalat modems, airtel modems etc Unfortunately, there are some modems or dongles that still can’t be unlocked by the dc unlocker. An example is the Glo bolt e303 modem with firmware :

I confirmed this from the developer of the Dc Unlocker 2 client. I even asked him the possibility of unlocking the Glo Bolt modem if I upgrade the firmware but he replied that it still won’t work.

So, if you’ve tried your luck and you’re unable to unlock your Glo bolt modem, you can keep calm and buy a universal internet modem or buy a glo modem that can be unlocked.


glo bolt modem e303s-1 image


You can read how to check firmware of your Glo modem.

Do you know a working solution for unlocking Glo Bolt e303 modem with firmware If yes, please share via comments.

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