Desir Mobile App Lets You Create Shopping List On Mobile Phones Instead Of Writing It Down On Paper

People go out shopping with their smartphones at the same time, with sheet of paper on which they’ve written the list of items they want to buy. In some cases where there are lots of items to purchase, they do go with a pen as well, because it will be hard to tell items that have been purchased from the rest.

What if there is an app that can do a better work than the piece of paper? This is why Desir was built.

Desir is an app that is built to aid shopping, prioritize purchase and cut out unnecessary expenses using your mobile phone instead of writing it down on paper.

Desir was first released on 2nd November 2017 by Desir Softwares, a software company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Desir is available on the Android platform and have gotten more than a thousand users. Most people see it as more than a shopping assistant app because it helps them keep track of their spending.

shopping lists on mobile phone
mobile app to create shopping list on mobile phone

Features of Desir Mobile App

  • Create as many lists as you want, add as many items as you want to a list and the prices will be calculated by the app.
  • Your lists can be backed up to the cloud. This is important to retailers because they like to keep track of their previous expenditures.
  • Send lists to your contacts. You can add people to your contact using their email.
  • Explore items that you see around you and also read about them. Desir also gives the opportunity to post items for people to explore and learn more. This gives people a better shopping experience.

Built with privacy in mind

Desir only requires your name, email, gender and country in the sign up process. When people search for you on Desir, all they can see are your first name, last name and profile picture or business logo. Even the items that you post can set to hidden at any time.

How Desir App Works

How To Download Desir App

Desir is an app that changes your shopping experience.

You can download Desir App from Google Play store.

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