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ezcast mobile app

EZCast app is an application that can be installed on Android or iOS as well as Windows PC, and supports screen mirroring, DLNA, and Miracast with HDMI TV Dongles. It simply allows you to display documents and multimedia from Internet or your device wirelessly to HDTV or projector in cooperation with EZCast devices.

With the EzCast mobile app or software installed on your mobile device or PC, you can use it to choose photos, videos, music, or other content on your device that you want to fling to a TV. In addition, EZCast APP switches wireless display standards (DLNA, Miracast…) and control the setting through remoting the EZCast devices.

Since March 15, 2014 (App version 1.1.159+), EZCast APP (both Android/iOS version) supports Chromecast dongles and Android EZCast receivers. Now Chromecast and Android dongle users can use EZCast to cast documents, multimedia from their devices, internet, cloud storages and social networks to the large display.

Where To Download EzCast Mobile App and Software

Download EzCast for Android here. It requires Android 4.0 above.

Download EzCast for iOS here. It requires iOS 7.0 above; supports iPhone4/4S/5, iPad2/New iPad/iPad3/iPad4 and iPod touch 4.

Download EzCast software for Windows PC  here. It requires Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1. Do not support Windows starter version.


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