How To Set Up and Use EZcast Wiresless Display Dongle

When I purchased the EZcast Wiresless Display Dongle deal from Dealdey, I received the wireless HDMI dongle, a two in one WiFi USB cable and a user manual.

Honestly, the manual was poorly documented and I couldn’t use the dongle not until I read through the articles on the EZcast website. So, in this post, I’ve decided to explain to you, how to set up and use EZcast wireless display dongle.

All you need to use the dongle is a TV with HDMI port which will serve as external display for your phone, tablet or PC. You can also use Projector or Monitor with HDMI input. I assume your phone/tablet/windows PC is WiFi enabled.

Next is to download the EZcast app for your Android/iPhone/iPad/Windows PC here.

After installing the app on your device, plug the dongle to your TV via the HDMI port.

Connect the two in one WiFi USB cable to a USB power source (eg USB port of a laptop, power bank or Home Theatre). This automatically power ON the dongle.  If not, “No Signal” will be displayed on the TV screen. Please make sure your USB power can supply over 500mA.

Once it’s successfully powered ON, you will see the EZCast main menu pops up and hear the welcome tone. Your EZcast SSID and password will be displayed on the screen too.


Enable the WiFi on your device, search for available networks and connect to the EZcast SSID in the available WiFI networks list.

Launch the EZCast App on your Android/iPhone/iPad/Windows PC. There are two selections, Device mode and Demo mode, please select first.

The EZCast App automatically detects if the connection to EZCast dongle is correct and if not, the disconnection sign will show up.

If it detects the connection, select it and key in the password shown in the upper region of your TV screen.

Once the connection is successful, EZCast function turns on and you can see several useful features shown on your device as seen below.

ezcast mobile app

The Photo function mirrors your photos in your device wirelessly to the display(i.e.TV). Same applies to other functions if connected to Android device.

If you want to mirror the music and videos on your iPad, I recommend you use the Airplay mirroring feature via the Control center of your Apple device instead of using the EZcast music and video functions. Those functions will require you to use iTunes to upload your files to the app folder.

To access the Airplay feature, ensure you’ve connected your Apple device to the SSID WiFI network. Then, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center. I will shed more light on this in another blog post.

I hope this helps.

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