Mirror iPhone, iPad To TV or Projector Using EZcast HDMI Dongle

airplay mode

If you’ve purchased the EZcast HDMI dongle, you can use it to mirror iPhone, iPad to Tv or Projector i.e you can use it to display your iOS screen on your TV. So, whatever you do on your iOS device displays on the larger screen. I’m rocking this using my iPad and I’ve decided to share the trick with you.

How To Get Started

I assume that your TV has an HDMI port and you’ve set up your EZcast dongle with your iOS device as explained here.

Plug the dongle to your TV via the HDMI port

Connect the two in one WiFi USB cable to a USB power source (eg USB port of a laptop, power bank or Home Theatre). This automatically power ON the dongle.

Once it’s Powered ON, you should hear a welcome tone; EZcast SSID and password should be displayed on the screen too.

Tap “Settings” on your iOS device, enable WiFi and connect to the SSID network.

Once connected, swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device screen to access Control Center.

Tap “AirPlay”

Tap the EZcast SSID

Swipe to enable “Mirroring” and you should now see your iPhone or iPad screen displayed on your Tv or Projector.

ezcast airplay mirroring

That’s all.

NB: When you use AirPlay Mirroring, your TV uses the orientation and aspect ratio of your device. If you want the image from your device to fill your TV screen, you might need to to adjust your TV’s aspect ratio or zoom settings.

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