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EZAir : How it Works

One of the reasons I love the EZCast dongle is because it supports iOS devices i.e iPhone and iPad.  You can use it as iOS Airplay receiver.

It works perfectly with Apple AirPlay. Hence, you can use it to mirror your iPhone, iPad to TV or Projector. So, if you are browsing on Safari, watching videos, playing games on your iPhone or iPad, it displays on the TV. You can also enjoy onlive live streaming on

If you’ve purchased the EZcast HDMI dongle and have set it up to work with your iPhone or iPad, you will notice the EZAir icon on the interface as seen below


No need disturbing yourself searching Google for how to use the function. It works same way I explained how to mirror iPhone, iPad to TV here.

NB: EZAir function of EZcast dongle is for Apple iOS while EZmirror is for Android.

Have fun!

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