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How To Update EZCast Software To Support iOS 9 Airplay

If there is no mirroring toggling option available for Airplay on your iPhone or iPad while trying to connect your iOS device to your TV using eZcast dongle, then you probably need to update the eZcast software for iOS9 Airplay support.

I experienced same problem but got it fixed when I updated the firmware.

How To Upgrade EzCast Firmware

To upgrade the firmware of your eZcast dongle,  you will need an internet wiFi network to connect to. You can set up internet hotspot with another smartphone, so you can connect to it for internet.

ezcast alternative to chromecast


Once there is an available WiFi network you can connect to for internet, follow me through the steps below to upgrade your EZcast firmware:

  1. Plug the eZcast dongle to the HDMI port on your TV
  2. Plug the cable of the dongle to a power source eg power bank. If it works fine, EZcast will display on your TV (SSID & Password)
  3. Turn on WiFi on your iOS device. EZCast Network should appear in the list of available WiFi networks. Connect to the network.
  4. Launch the eZcast for iOS app on your iPhone or iPad
  5. From the app, tap on the search icon, tap on the Ezcast network to connect to it.
  6. Tap on “Settings” (still in the iOS app). This will make “Setting” to display on your TV
  7. Use the arrow buttons on your iOS device to navigate the setting on TV to the “internet” tab and tap on it.
  8. Wait for it to display available WiFi Networks. Select your internet WiFi network, enter it’s password (if any) and select OK.
  9. If it connects successfully, it will prompt you to upgrade. If not, navigate back to setting and go to “More” > “Upgrade”

Wait till it notifies you that the upgrade is successful.

That’s all.

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