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AirPlay Mirroring Button Does Not Appear? Try This Fix

Last month, I attempted connecting my iPhone 5s to my TV wirelessly using the wiFi Ezcast HDMi dongle but became frustrated when I discovered that the Airplay mirroring option is missing i.e the the mirroring button did not appear after enabling iPhone “Airplay”.

I searched google, Apple forums, Ezcast forums and saw series of articles. I tried series of suggestions and fortunately, one of the suggestiones worked for me.

All I did was to upgrade the firmware of the Ezcast dongle to the latest version.

After updating it, I tried reconnecting my iPhone to my TV using the dongle and the Airplay Mirroring button appears as seen in the screenshot below:

Mirror iPhone with Ezcast hdmi dongle

Since then, I have been mirroring my iPhone and iPad running iOS9 on my HDTV.

So, if you’re experiencing same problem, you can consider upgrading the firmware of your hardware.

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