How I Connect My Android to TV and Projector Wirelessly

Connecting you Android phone or Table to your TV will enable you stream your photos, video, and music from your mobile to your TV, making it possible to display the media content on your mobile device, on a larger screen.
There are different ways you can implement this but I’ve been able to connect my own Android to my TV using the EZcast Wiresless dongle. I also use the dongle to connect my Android phone to my Projector.


EZcast hdmi dongle

The interesting part is that this is done wirelessly. No need for wires i.e you don’t have to connect a wire from your phone to your TV. The wire that comes with the dongle is just for you to supply power to the dongle via a USB port.

Mind you, your TV must have an HDMI port 😉 for you to plug the HDMi dongle.

Read how to use the EZCast HDMI dongle here.

If you know any other way of connecting your Android to your TV, kindly share via comment.

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