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feedly for iPhone

Feedly mobile app runs both on phones and on tablets, making it possible for you to feed your mind on the go! Anytime! Anywhere!

Feedly’s editorial algorithm determines the stories you’d like the best and displays them on your home screen, but you can also easily dive into full feeds if you need to. Because it is powered by RSS, feedly is an open system: you can add any RSS feed to your feedly and easily read the content of that feed on the go.

The Feedly app for iPhone and iPad offers instant search, higher quality images, as well as a record of articles you’ve previously read.

Feedly also has a nice array of gesture controls on the iPhone in addition to the swipe or scroll modes available for paging through news. Swiping down will mark a page as read, tapping anywhere on the menu bar will bring up a list of your sources and you can save an item for later reading.

Some of these gestures are duplicated in the iPad version but you also have a nice list of items at the bottom of the larger layout.  These include a ‘like’ button, bookmark, email, Twitter and a reformatting button that strips the page down to nicely formatted text.


1. Tap on the black bar to select a new source or login
2. Swipe the black bar to jump between source
3. Swipe down to mark a card as read (up to undo)
4. Visit the settings to configure instapaper, read it later and more.

You can download Feedly for iPhone and iPad here.

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