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It’s no more news that Taptu is shutting down its service and mobile applications. So, if you are a user looking for taptu alternative, you can download feedly for free on both iOS and Android.

In a blog post by Feedly, they promise to review feedback and suggestions they have received in detail with the dev team over the next few weeks and make feedly the best reader possible for Taptu users.

In the blog post, they also shared some tips for new Taptu users. Below, are the tips:

1/ Use the search box to find the specific blogs and sites you love to read regularly and add them to your feedly. This way, you can easily connect with your favorite sites.

2/ Take advantage of collections to organize those blogs and sites into groups. You can group feeds per topic, some per reading priority, some per project…

3/ When you add a feed to your feedly, you can change settings to create the best reading experience for you. Some users like title only, some users like visual cards, some like a balance. Feedly gives you the control to taylor the experience (both at the feed level and at the collection level). Feedly particularly recommend the card view.

4/ Take advantage of the web/mobile continuity. Feedly worked hard to make sure that your feedly is available on iOS, Android, the Web and 100+ third party apps. Feedly invites you to try some of these experiences and enjoy a very seamless integration.

5/ Take advantage of Feedly useful integrations (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, buffer, hootsuite, IFTTT, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Zapier, etc…) to streamline your workflows.

I hope these helps.

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