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Glo bbcmonth Plan Now Costs N1400 for 3Gigs

If you’ve been using glo bbcomonth on your Android or your Blackberry to get 3gigs for N1,000, you might find it difficult subscribing to the plan if you don’t have at least N1,400 airtime on your glo line.

Let’s say you have N1,000 call credit on your glo line and decides to subscribe to bbcmonth plan, you will get a reply that you don’t have enough airtime to complete the transaction. This happens simply because Globacom Nigeria has increased the price of the BIS plan from N1,000 to N1,400 for undisclosed reasons.

So, recharge your glo line with N1,500 airtime and dial *777*21# to subscribe to the bbcmonth BIS plan. Alternatively, you can text “bbcmonth” to 777.

To check the remaining MB (balance) of your bbcmonth plan, text “STATUS” to 777 or dial *777*0# on your glo line.

glo bbcmonth plan

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