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Glo bbcmonth to 777 not working? Try this USSD Code

For some days now, I have not been able to subscribe to Glo BIS on my blackberry q10. Whenever I text “bbcmonth to 777”, I keep receiving a “short message transfer rejected” reply. This has really been frustrating me.

So today, I decided to try sending “Status” to 777 to see if the problem is with the Glo BIS shortcode or maybe Glo blocked the bbcmonth bis plan on Blackberry 10 phones.

Unfortunately, I received the same reply. So, I concluded that if I can’t check status of my glo BIS via the shortcode, that means there is probably a problem with the shortcode. So, i decided to try the alternative way of subscribing to Glo BIS and it worked.

Yea! The USSD code for subscribing to glo bis worked for me and I am now browsing on my q10 as at the time of posting this.

Want to try it?

All you just need to do is to dial : *777*21#

The glo BIS USSD code will subscribe you to the N1,000 for 3gigs, bbcmonth glo blackberry subscription plan.

Try it and I hope it works for you.

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1 Comment

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