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Code To Convert #1000 Glo Card To Megabyte

The code to convert #1000 Glo card to megabyte for internet browsing depends on the type of device you want to subscribe on.

As at the time of publishing this post, if you are using a Blackberry device, you can convert #1000 to 3 gigs of data which will can last for 30days if you don’t exhaust the data volume before the 30days.

This Glo BIS also works on some Android phones if they have been configured to use Glo BIS. The configuration involves changing of imei etc. and doesn’t work on all Android phones.

The code to convert #1000 for 3gigs Glo BIS is : *777*21#

Alternatively, you can text “BBCMonth” to 777.

To check the balance of your Glo BIS megabyte, dial *777*0#


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If you are not using a Blackberry device or if the Glo BIS fails to work on your Android device, you can still convert #1000 Glo airtime to megabyte if you buy Always Micro Glo data plan. This also works on Glo Bolt modems for those using internet modem to browse on PC.

The code to convert #1000 for 1.5gigs Glo “Always Micro” data plan is : *127*53#

Alternatively, you can text “53” to 127.

To check the balance of your Glo”Always Micro” data plan, dial *127*0# or text “info” to 127.

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