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Glo Wifi Modem Price in Nigeria

The Glo wifi modem aka Glo bolt wingle is a rebranded Huawei E8321 USB modem that allows users to browse the internet using a glo sim and glo data plan. Besides using it to connect your computer to the internet, the glo wifi device allows you to create wifi hotspot which maximum of 10 users can connect to using their wifi enabled devices.

The Glo wingle modem is more expensive than the Glo bolt modem because it has more features and supports multi-device internet access with ease. If there is no usb computer port to plug it into, you can connect it to a power adapter usb port, which can be connected to a power outlet to power it on. Once powered on, any device that is wi-Fi enabled can connect to it, to access internet. The Glo Wifi modem hotspot can be protected with a password though..

The Globacom wifi modem configuration and internet connection settings are done via the web management page : and not the usual interface that pops up when you want to use the Glo Netpro or Glo bolt modem to browse the internet. From the web management page, you can update the glo wifi modem, configure it’s apn settings, change the hotspot name and password etc.

Glo Wifi Modem Images

Below are the images of the Glo Wifi Modem or device :

globacom wifi modem image and price in nigeria


glo wifi device nigeria

So, How Much Is The Glo Wifi Device In Nigeria?

The Glo Wifi device price in Nigeria is N9,000.

Where Can I buy Globacom Wifi Modem In Nigeria?

You can buy the Glo wifi modem in Nigeria at GloWorld offices, Glozone shops and Globacom dealers shops.

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