How Much To Fix broken iPad Screen in Nigeria ?

cracked iPad screen

I currently owned iPad 3 64gigs and I’ve repaired the cracked screen twice.  So, if you want to know broken iPad screen repair cost in Nigeria, you are on the right page.

I spent N7,000 to fix the broken iPad screen at Enugu and Benue state i.e I’ve spent N14,000 so far in replacing my iPad screen.  If you can fix it yourself, you can buy the iPad 3 screen around N5,000 – N6,000 depending on your location.

Ensure the screen is well glued to the iPad, if not, it will frustrate you and might get cracked again soonest. Also ensure you don’t buy iPad 2 screen for iPad 3.

Be guided!

Kindly note that mine was cracked, not totally shattered!

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