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How To Port a SIM in Nigeria

SIM Porting In Nigeria makes it possible for anyone to change from one network to another in Nigeria without changing phone number. i.e you can port from etisalat to mtn and your phone number will remain the same. One interesting thing about porting of sim is that if you’re not satisfied after porting to Etisalat, you can port back to MTN.

After porting your sim to another network, you will be issued a new sim card of the network you ported to but your phone number will NOT change. Hence, you don’t need to inform your friends and relatives about any change in your number after you might have completed the sim porting process.

Requirements For SIM Porting in Nigeria

  • You must have a valid proof of identity with visible photograph
  • Your SIM must be ACTIVE
  • You must be able to provide the serial number of your SIM card and
  • You must have registered the active SIM card

sim porting Nigeria

How To Port SIM in Nigeria

==> Visit the nearest office of the network you want to change to and tell them you want to port to their network. For example, if you want to port from MTN to Glo, you will have to visit a Gloworld outlet or a Glozone shop to request for sim porting.

==> You will be issued a sim porting request form to fill.

==> You will be issued a new SIM card of the network you are porting to and the SIM will be registered right there.

==> You will be informed to text “PORT” to 3232. If you fail to send the text, the sim porting request will fail.

If sim porting is validated OK, the new SIM will be activated.



  • Porting your line to another network will happen within 24hours and you can keep using the sim card while you wait for the switch to go through.
  • Once your new SIM is activated, any airtime you have left on your old SIM will be wiped off and calls you make thereafter will be billed according to the default tariff plan of your new service provider BUT your phone number will still remain the same.
  • You can only change from one network to another ONCE in 90 days.

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