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How To Sign Up For BBM For Windows Phone Beta


Image Credits: BlackBerry Blog.

BBM for Windows Phone is finally here! Although still in Beta and available to users who register to be a Beta tester. In this post where I talked about BBM for Windows Phone making its way into the store, I stated that we’ll update you as soon as words reach us regarding registering as a private beta tester for BBM for Windows Phone. Promise kept and fulfilled!

Official words from BlackBerry blog says:

In this first release of BBM for Windows Phone, we’re focused on introducing Windows Phone users to the power of sharing experiences in the moment through the immediacy and privacy offered by BBM. Users can engage in BBM Chats with one or many contacts, with the ability to share pictures, voice notes, contacts and location.

…..We’ll be working to quickly add more features to BBM for Windows Phone such as stickers, BBM Voice, BBM Channels and location sharing powered by Glympse in the months ahead.

It is true that BBM for Windows Phone will lack features like stickers, BBM channels, BBM voice, etc. as seen above; nevertheless, the app spots a clean native user interface that allows for better familiarity to Windows Phone users. From the screenshots, you can tell that the app features a smooth interface. “Some folks are already saying it looks better than the Android and iOS editions” Oh well! Let’s wait and see.

BBM for Windows Phone is not available for download yet but there is an open registration to be a part of those who will test it first. Before you jump amidst other registered private beta testers, head of product and brand marketing for BBM, Jeff Gadway wants you to keep this in mind:

 Now remember, this is a beta and our expectation is that participants will help us make BBM for Windows Phone great by actively participating. If you’re not ready to report bugs, respond to surveys and provide feedback – better to wait just a bit longer for the full release.

How To Register For BBM For Windows Phone Beta:

1. Apply for Blackberry Beta Zone here (sign in with your BlackBerry ID or create a new one if you don’t have)

2. You will be prompted to link a Beta Zone account to your current BlackBerry ID after signing in or up, follow the instructions and fill the necessary info. Submit and you will be enrolled. Upon successful registration, you will see a page like this:

bbm beta zone successful reg

3. If you had been a beta zone member before now or you got lost somewhere along the line, no worries.  Simply login to blackberry beta zone and click on ‘Programs’ link at the top, you should see a page as seen in the image below. Click on the Enter button in front of ‘BBM for Windows Phone Beta’ and complete the registration.

bbm beta zone reg


While we wait for info about when BBM for Windows Phone will become available to the registered beta users, what do you think about the app on the platform generally? If you are a Windows Phone user, are you happy about it? If you were thinking of buying a Windows Phone earlier but changed your mind because it has no BBM, will you consider buying now?

Looking for the link to download BBM for Windows Phone? Go here.

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