Cortana vs Siri, Germany vs Argentina – Who Wins?

fifa world cup 2014

War between virtual assistants! Siri or Cortana? Who will win the world cup?

There’s been a bit of controversy on social media lately especially after Brazil lost to Germany and Netherlands lost to Argentina. Of course it’s about the on-going Brazil 2014 World Cup! While I don’t want to attach my personal opinions to this post; let’s talk about these two glorified virtual assistants for a moment.

Who/What is Siri?

Siri is Apple’s own virtual assistant meant to ease basic ‘stuffs’ on iPhones. Well, stuffs like voice search, voice messaging (speech-to-text), meeting scheduling placing phone calls and lots of awesome functions. ‘Your Wish Is My Command’ – iPhone users are familiar with this statement from Siri. Talk to her and she responds; ask her for a favor and she makes it up to you – not like bringing you food though but you can ask her to search for the nearest pizza joint to you. You’ll be awed by Siri’s voice too! I think that’s enough information about her already.

Who/What is Cortana?

Microsoft’s Cortana is the newest, yet the most controversial virtual assistant at the moment. Although currently in BETA, Cortana seem to have gotten many people interested in Microsoft Windows Phone platform. Similar to Siri, Cortana does voice messaging, text reading, meeting scheduling, music playing, phone call placing and quite a lot of other features TOO. Speak to her and she’s going to serve you. Okay personally, I find the name Cortana a lot s*xy (hope you don’t mind) and she does things pretty smooth as well. Her voice? You’ll love it! Okay, that’s enough!

So back to this post, Cortana has been in the news for correctly predicting Germany’s place in the world cup finals. Scratch that if you’re not interested. Cortana also has predicted CORRECTLY over 10 games in the 2014 FIFA World Cup including Argentina’s win over Netherlands. She seems to be a witch. Heck!  Now the battle begun when Siri says Argentina could win the World Cup in contradiction to Cortana’s prediction that says Germany has higher chances.

Here are screenshots from Cortana’s thoughts (taken by me):

cortana predicts world cup final


And Siri says it should be Argentina instead (by my iOS padis):

siri predicts world cup final

Credits: Don Caprio/Richard Banks.

Shall we say this is a battle between Microsoft and Apple? It’s been a long time coming anyway. Both had better consult their oracles very well before fans and fanboys get disappointed because this means a bunch of things to both Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Apple’s iOS as much as it means to Germany’s team (C. Ronaldo in disguise) and Argentina’s Messi.

So what do you think? Who do you root for? Let’s have your comments!




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