Get MTN 250MB, 500MB & 1GB For N500, N900 N1,500 Respectively

cheap mtn data plans

Seeking for cheap MTN data plans for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone? Even PC? Look no further; happy times are drawing nearer, if not here already.

DISCLAIMER: Mobilitaria blog and her Authors are not responsible for any issues encountered through this service. We are only here to spread the news and help you get affordable data plans to use on your gadgets. Should you have any issues or questions, contact the customer care of the service.

I was shocked to the bones when a friend of mine introduced me to this service days ago. Pretty affordable! If you have been following me on Facebook recently, I posted about these very cheap mtn data plans but didn’t drop any further details. Why? Because I wanted to test it first. Here we go:

Modest data plans is a reseller of MTN data plans. Literally, they buy data in bulk from MTN and sell it cheap to end users. Imagine 500MB actually costs about N2,000 and you can get it for N900 via Modest data plans – you save N1,100 (55% if I still remember simple arithmetic).

A little problem you may have however is that you need to make a bank deposit. Thankfully, you can use the Quickteller app on your smartphone or using their website; you can also send your payment through the ATM or even via Internet Banking. You see? Not much of a problem after all.

You may want to ask, ‘Have you tried it?‘ YES! I tried it with N2,800 of my money. Here’s the breakdown:

500MB (for 2 numbers) – 900+900 = N1,800

250MB (for 2 numbers) – 500+500 = N1,000 [TOTAL = N2,800]

Time: Early hours of Monday, 14th of July, 2014.

I got my data credited in less than 10 minutes. That’s Instant! I confirmed from all four numbers and the text messages came almost at the same time.

Here is the list of data services offered by this startup:

250MB – N500 [30 days]

500MB – N900 [30 days]

750MB – N1,200 [30 days]

1GB – N1,500 [30 days]

As soon as you pay, send your name, phone number to be activated, amount paid and size of data required to 07067041115. You can forward your questions  and enquiries to that number as well.

The validity period of all the data plans offered is 30 days. In case you can’t finish your data, make a renewal of the current one before it expires and unused data will be rolled over to the next month. Also text SHAREBALANCE to 131 to check your data balance. Does it work on all devices? YES!

For payment info, see this link and FAQs can be found here. Don’t forget to come back and tell us about your experience with this service.

Are you an Etisalat user and you want cheap data plans for your gadgets? Stay tuned, I have another trusted reseller of affordable Etisalat data plans for your devices. Ensure that you check back or subscribe to our updates via email so that you’ll be the first to know when I drop it.





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