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How To Upgrade Dstv Subscription

Yesterday, I decided to upgrade from Dstv Family bouquet to the Classic bouquet. So, I used my First Bank mobile application to make the payment for the dstv subscription and chilled for it to be activated. I waited all day and nothing happened.

When I got fed up, I called dstv customer care and that was when I was informed that I have to call before I can upgrade my dstv subscription, that it doesn’t happen automatically. This same thing applies if you want to downgrade your dstv subscription.

So, whenever you want to upgrade from one dstv package to another, make the payment for the new package you want to upgrade to and call dstv customer care to approve the upgrade for you from the backend.

If you have an active subscription and would want to upgrade, you will have to make full payment of the new dstv bouquet you want to upgrade to. DStv will suspend the active subscription and activate the new subscription so it expires after 30 days you subscribe to the new package.


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So, it’s better you allow your active dstv subscription to expire before upgrading.


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