How to upload your full pic on WhatsApp, BBM, and others

A huge problem most social media freaks like me do have with apps like BBM, WhatsApp, Instagram and others is uploading full pic. These apps require that you upload ONLY square images. If your desired pic is not square, you will have to crop it to suit their taste. Selfish apps, right? lol. Even as you always think you have no choice, you still crop these pictures of yours. NOW, YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

How to upload your full pic on square-image-requiring apps


They want square picture, we will give it to them. How do you provide square image for these apps without chopping off the interesting part of your picture?. The key app for this is PHOTO GRID. That sounds familiar or unfamiliar?

If it sounds unfamiliar, you’ve never heard of it or used it before. If it sounds familiar, you’ve heard of it or use it. But probably using it only to mix your pictures. Let’s talk about the Photo Grid. Permit me to use a simple illustration for this and the blog post ends there.

I wanted to upload a pic of President Obama watching a USA match in an aircraft on my BBM profile. The pic is a rectangle and I will have to crop it to give a square image. Check out what kind of thing the pic will turn to if I cropped it into square



Wanting my contacts to have a full view of this picture I went on my Photo Grid and selected “Single HD”



and I got to where the pic is, selected the pic for editing; it has been incorporated to a square background by Photo Grid. Interesting app, right?


I even discovered I could change the background colour to my colour of choice:


And back to my BBM profile, I could upload this “square pic” uncropped.



Yaga! It’s done!!! However you can also use Photo Grid to mix pictures without requiring internet connection and without any “Photo Grid” watermark. It’s so cool, right?

Download Photo Grid APK file here

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