How I Installed Glo Bolt e303 Modem On My MacBook Pro Running El Capitan

I purchased an e303 Glo Bolt modem for my Macbook Pro running Mac OS X 10.11 aka El Capitan from a Gloworld office in Lagos only for me to get home to discover that installation of the modem is not as easy as it is on Windows PC. I installed it using the preloaded Glo bolt modem installer and tried all I can – and it did not work!

I spent over 30 minutes reading different articles on the internet on this issue, many of which mentioned the SIP (system integrity protection) feature on El Capitan as been the cause. Anyway, I later discovered a trick that worked for me. So, if your Globacom bolt dongle not working on Mac El Capitan, here is a workaround.

To make your Glo bolt modem work on your macbook, you have to download Huawei mobile partner software for Mac OS and install it on the Macbook. If your Macbook is running El Capitan, then you have to download Stick mobile partner for Mac 10.11 from the Huawei download page.

Once downloaded to your Macbook, double click it to expand. Double click it again to expand the mobile partner .zip file. Then double click on the mobile partner green icon to start the installation process.

Once installed successfully, you should see something similar to the screenshot below:


glo bolt dongle on mac


Then, proceed to create a profile for Glo network. Go to “Tools” > “Options” > “Profile Management“> “New” and use the Glo bolt modem settings below:

Name : Glo Bolt

APN > Static

APN : gloflat

Access Number : *99#
Username : flat
Password : flat

Clik “OK”

Plug your Glo bolt modem to your Macbook USB port, wait for the network bars to appear, select the profile created and click on “Connect”.


glo bolt huawei e303 dongle on mac book pro el capitan


That’s all.

Whenever you want to browse with your Glo bolt modem on your Macbook pro, launch the application named “Mobile Partner” from your Macbook Applications folder.

I hope this helps.


If you see an error when you double-click on the Installer file, please right click and click Open. This is a security feature of Mac OS.

Shout out to Shireesh who explained how he installed Airtel dongle on Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite and DoubleA for his article on how to use Huawei Airtel USB modem with Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan.

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