Knock app: The New App That Gets You Answered Fast!

Welcome to a world where we don’t always want to talk on the phone especially if all you want to do is ask a simple question that requires a YES or NO answer. Thanks to Dexetra Communication – that’s the name of the company that has built this new game changing android app called Knock.

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Knock is a mobile messaging app with a really cool and new twist to it. Once you send a message with this app, Knock simulates/pretends/acts like an incoming phone call to get the receiver’s attention, ut this call screen is a bit different from the usual call screen. The screen will have the message on it and options for you to answer “YES” or “NO” or another option to share current location.

According to the CEO of Dexetra, Knock was originally built for their other app Dialapp  – that android Kit Kat dialer that magically knows who you are likely to call. He said that after running millions of phone calls through Dialapp, the company found out that close to 65% of daily calls was simple status updates – the things that could be answered with a yes or no, or your current location. They soon realized that it could function well as a separate app.

Babu says. “We wanted to make it super easy for everybody to get answers without having to go through a phone conversation.”

The lovely thing about Knock is that it offers a sense of urgency to the receiver. When you send a Knock, the receiver’s phone will ring for about 60 seconds, after which your friend will see it as a Missed Knock. That means your friend is mega-extra-busy because people have been known to ignore text messages for hours but not a ringing phone.

I personally will enjoy this app because my dear android phone is not giving me text message notifications except I go into the messages proper. With this I miss reading loads of messages on time.

But, with the big boys like Whatsapp, BBM and co., you may have to do the extra work of getting your friends to download Knock too, which by the way is a free app in its beta phase here on Google Play.

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