New Airtel Data Plans For Edge Network : Myth, Facts and Codes

If you are a frequent reader of Nigerian tech blogs, you’d have seen the news currently making the rounds that Airtel has released a new data plan which offers 2gb for N200 and 6gb for 500. Airtel launched N200 and N500 unlimited plans that work only on 2G network.

This is Airtel’s way of making sure that everyone has access to data.

It’s now an open secret that Airtel now leads the data wars with the new data plan, offering unlimted data for N500; trumping that of their closest rival who offer the same data plan of 6gb at almost ten times the price Airtel is offering.

However, there’s been a slight misconception about the new data plan, with a few blogs sharing varying information, which upon verification turned out to be inaccurate. It is important to correct this notion with some key facts about this exciting data plan.

The new data plan is not available on some devices.
The new plan works on all devices; but the device must be set to 2G network.

The plan fails to work after subscription
The data plan is a 2G pack targeted at users on the 2G network, hence it is ideal for users in areas with 2G network and users who want to do minimal browsing and chatting.

The 2G plan does not work with other data bundles
The new 2G pack works perfectly with other data bundles. Users on the 2G pack can take up other data bundles. However, the 2G pack will have priority when a subscriber’s device is set to 2G. Note that if you switch to 3G, this pack will not work.

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How to Subscribe to the new Airtel Data Plans

– To activate this plan, ensure you have either N200 or N500 on your Airtel SIM card

– Dial *482# to subscribe to the unlimited 2G Packs.

– You will receive a text message confirming your subscription

Please note that the N200 plan is valid for 14 days while the N500 plan is valid for 28 days



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