Official Release Date Of The Galaxy S20 Is Set For March 6

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is being announced along with the Galaxy Z Flip on February 11, but the date for when the new phones would be available has been unknown until today.

Samsung created a registration page for customers to enter their email if they are interested in purchasing any of these upcoming smartphones. On the page, is an image displayed below:

The red box in the middle carries the text, “Deliveries by March while supplies last.” Samsung should send customer who register an email when pre-orders actually open.

There is no certainty that this set date will apply to the Galaxy Z Flip but rumor has it that the phone may ship after the event in February.

If a customer reserves an S20, they get an “exclusive $35 instant credit toward eligible devices and accessories” at Samsung’s online store, and they can “amplify their savings with special trade-in values for eligible devices”, although the actual numbers are missing. Please note that registering doesn’t guarantee a purchase, nor even a pre-order.

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