Picture Overlay App : Download and Learn How To Use it

Although you can simply create a picture overlay online (eg #PrayForFrance), you can also use a picture overlay app for Android. So in this post, I will share with you where to download the app and how to use it.
You can download BlendPic app at Google Play Store.

picture overlay app blendpic

How To Use BlendPic Picture Overlay App

>> Open the app

>> Tap on “Blender

>> Select the two photos you want to use and tap “OK”

>> Tap on “Blend1” and then “Blender”

>> Select the effect that looks like a circle at the center of a square

>> Tap “Photo1” and move around as desired. Do same for “Photo2”

>> If you want to adjust the effect, tap “Blend1” again and apply your effects

>> Tap on “Text” to add caption. You can add colour and drag to adjust the width

When you’re done, tap on the OK sign and it will save to your mobile device. You can upload to Instagram, Facebook etc

Have fun!

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