How To Uninstall System Apps On Any Android Device

It’s easy for any android device to pack hugesum apps, many of which one does not need and the most terrifying part is that we cannot ordinarily remove these apps. They are pre-installed and seem to have glued to the phone. Even after resetting the device, they come back saying hello to you again. Heck!

FYI: These apps are called bloatwares.

How to remove/uninstall pre-installed Android apps

First, you need to root your device. The easiest way to do this is to lookup how to root your device name and model on Google.

  1. Next, install System App Uninstaller from the Play Store or use this link.
  2. Open the app, grant it’s super user request and tick the Apps ‘you think’ are unnecessary (as seen below). Note that this app lists almost all the apps that makes your device to run – if not all. So you have to be careful which apps you select. System app uninstall for android

Again, only select the pre-installed apps you think are not necessary and not those ones that are required for your device to function fully. You have been warned!

  1. Hit the red ‘Uninstall’ button, restart the device and you are done!

Just in case… The apps didn’t really go anywhere. They were instead kept in a recycle bin so you can always restore an app once you notice it’s attached to a particular system function you really need. To access the recycle bin, tap the arrow at the top left of the screen, tap Recycle bin and you’ll see a list of apps you uninstalled. Restore or permanently delete as you wish!

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