Pimp Your WhatsApp With Material Design

It has been discontinued – WhatsApp has been around for years now and it remains the most used messaging app. Having cut across all mobile platforms, WhatsApp Android gets more attention from developers. We all have being using WhatsApp for a while now and some of us are tired of the default theme. Even though you can change your wallpaper, a cool theme would definitely make your chat experience better.

Material design is one of the latest user experience designs in the tech world. It is like a paper design with lots of cool features written with less code. Google is already adopting this design for most of their products including but not limited to Gmail, Hangouts and Inbox.

Now, imagine your WhatsApp with such theme.


cool. isn’t it?


Download Links


  1. Green (Inspired By Hangouts App) –
  2. Blue with Pink Floating Button-
  3. Indigo with Pink Floating Button –
  4. Red (Inspired by Gmail/Google+ App) –

More Themes Coming Soon… (If you have a request for a specific color,comment below)


  1. Red (Inspired By Gmail/Google+ App) –
  2. Blue with Red Floating Button (Inspired By Google Inbox App) –
  3. Orange (Inspired by Play Music App) –
  4. Sky Blue (Inspired By default Lollipop Dialer/Messenger) –
  5. Dark Green (Inspired By Play Games) –

Just Install it and enjoy….

How to install Whatsapp MD

  1. Install original WhatsApp from Play Store.
  2. Verify account
  3. Restore messages (if any)
  4. Send atleast one message to anyone you want.
  5. Backup messages (if any)
  6. Uninstall WhatsApp
  7. Install WhatsAppMD from the apk file you downloaded.

#Note- If you have Clean Master/DU Speed Booster or any other similar app installed, be careful not to delete the backup (residue) files of Whatsapp after uninstalling original one if any such app asks you to do so otherwise you’ll loose all your messages.

#NOTE- Do not update from inside the app.If you update,you’ll lose color and Whatsapp will revert back to the default ugly color.

Credits to Samanyou Garg for this stuff.

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