Q10 Charger Bundle : The External Battery Charger for Blackberry Q10

Q10 external battery charger

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he BlackBerry 10 Battery charging bundle is my favourite Blackberry accessory and a must-have for every Q10 user. The Blackberry external battery charger makes it possible for me to charge my Blackberry Q10 and my extra Q10 battery at the same time, without any extra cable.

When I need to stay charged, I can swap my Q10 batteries and if I just need a quick boost, I can even plug the charger bundle right into my Q10 with the built-in cable so I don’t have to waste time changing batteries and waiting on a reboot.

If you want to use it to charge your Q10 and extra battery at the same time, follow the steps below:

==> Insert the extra battery into the Charger bundle
==> Plug in your existing Blackberry travel or car charger into the Charger bundle
==> Plug in the built-in cable of the charger bundle into your Blackberry Q10 smartphone.

That’s all.

With an extra battery included, and lightweight portability, the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle is ideal for traveling.

You can buy the Blackberry q10 External charger at Amazon via the link below:


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