4 Ramadan Apps For Android and iOS

It’s the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims. A month where Muslims fast and move closer to God in supplications and du’a. There are lots of Islamic apps that would really make this Ramadan beautiful and I will be sharing FOUR with you. Two of which are premium apps and the other two free.

1. iQuran

The iQuran, developed by Guided Way Technologies, is an app that is designed to enable reading the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its translation. This app provides you with the full Qur’an as well as its full English translation along with a full set of audio recitation files. iQuran offers you verse by verse audio playback, color coded Tajweed (pronunciation) rules, repeat functions, bookmarks, tags, search, excellent navigational controls, a side by side English translation, audio recitation and much more. The iQuran Lite is the free version of this app which has the following limitations:

  • Full Landscape not supported
  • Color coded Tajweed (Pronunciation) rules for the last Juz / Para not included
  • Bookmark and Tags. A maximum of 5 bookmarks and 3 Tags.

The premium version; iQuran Pro goes for just $1.99 – that’s about 350 Nigerian Naira. You will need this for your Ramadhan. With it, you can read your Qur’an on your phone anywhere and even understand what you are reading with the translation.

Download iQuran Lite for Android from Google Play Store
Download iQuran Pro for Android from Google Play Store
Download iQuran Lite for iOS from Apple Store

2. iPray

iPray is the ultimate tool for getting accurate prayer times and Qibla direction, no matter where you are. Its modern and simple to use interface offers you immense power and customizability under the hood. iPray “just works” out of the box with zero-setup required.

You get accurate prayer times to know when to stop your Suhoor at Fajr and when to eat at Magrib. It uses your location to find your prayer times. It gives the equivalent of Hijri dates and Gregorian dates of important Islamic events. Nice Adhans have been preinstalled, so, you don’t need to worry about what sound comes out when it’s time for each prayer. There are also lots more nice functions it does.

iPray is also a premium app developed by Guided Way Technologies. It has no free version. It goes for just $3.39 – that’s about 550 Nigerian Naira.

Download iPray for Android from Google Play Store
Download iPray for iOS from Apple Store

3.  Hadith Of The Day

Do you or someone you know have a need that can only be fulfilled by Allah? Feeling like life has come to a standstill? Whether you are feeling on top of the world, blessed and thankful, need some patience, are thinking about a loved one, or facing temptations, HOTD has just the key for you: an Ayah, a Hadith, a Dua to inspire, guide and comfort you. 

This is an official app from Hadith Of The Day; one of the best Islamic websites in the world. With strong users database, they’ve striven to provide one Hadith of the Prophet (SAW) for their users everyday on various platforms. This app was released some seven months ago to boost their reach on mobile. It’s totally FREE.

HOTD brings you beautiful Hadiths, inspirational Ayahs and heart-warming Duas at your fingertips, in a unique manner, carefully selected and categorized for your own personal situations. HOTD aims to help you increase your knowledge and open yourself up to Allah’s presence. Search for that perfect Ayah or Hadith for your personal situation – Or send a Dua to a loved one. They’ve got amazing reviews from well-known Muslim personalities. You will surely love to get lots of Hadiths to equip yourself this Ramadan.

Download Hadith Of The Day for Android on Google Play Store
Download Hadith Of The Day for iOS on Apple Store

4. Ramadan Duas

Ramadan Duas is a simple application which has essential duas we Muslims read during Ramadan. You can even share the dua with your near and dear ones through email or SMS. Ramadan Duas is an app especially designed for Muslims who want know formal Duas for the month as a token of their gratification. It is easy to apprehend by new muslims too. It is totally FREE. The Android version is developed by IslamApps 100.

The iOS version developed by a totally different developer, Web Triangle LLC has the following prominent features:

•An Introduction that sheds light on the importance and significance of Ramadan
•Duas for the three Ashras of Ramadan with their Arabic and Roman transliteration
•English translation of every Dua
•Audio recitation of each Dua for knowing the right pronunciation
•Other Random Duas that are special to Ramadan and events related to the Holy Month
•Ability to share the app via email, Twitter and Facebook
•You can also view more Islamic Apps produced by

Download Ramadan Duas for Android by Islam App 100 on Google Play Store
Download Ramadan Duas for iOS by Web Triangle LLC on Apple Store

Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims from the Mobilitaria team.

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