Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Fingerprint Flaw Fixed

It was discovered that the Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Note 10 had security flaws with the fingerprint scanners on them. It seems that the textured surface on the inside of some silicon screen protectors fooled the phones’ biometric authentication system, allowing any fingerprint to unlock the device instead of only the owner’s. Due to this discovery Samsung has developed a fix for this issue and is globally rolling it out to users.

Samsung plans to send notifications to S10 and Note 10 owners to inform them of the available software update. The message will also instruct owners to delete any fingerprints stored on the device and to register new ones without any protector on the display.

If you have a phone affected by this issue and you are yet to receive a notification about the fix, it is advised that you switch off the fingerprint scanner for now and use an alternative method for unlocking the device. This can be done through your settings. Go to settings on your phone, click on Lock Screen, click on Screen Lock Type. Then enter your PIN, password or pattern to confirm, click on the button beside fingerprints to disable it. After all that you can now choose an alternative unlock method.

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