AirFly Pro Streams Bluetooth Audio To And From Any 3.5mm Jack

Apple has designed and produced a device that helps devices which only output audio through a 3.5mm jack to connect with wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds, the AirFly. The regular AirFly makes AirPods and some other Bluetooth headphones compatible with anything with a headphone jack.

The new AirFly Pro model offers more functionality, including working as a splitter so you can listen to a movie, music or video game along with a friend. Its battery poses to last up to 16 hours and is a good flight body for long distance trips.

The AirFly Pro can literally turn any aux-in port into a wireless receiver making it possible to send audio from your phone to an older car stereo, connect your headphones to a treadmill at the gym or send music from your phone to a home stereo.

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