Chrome Beta Prevents Duplicate Downloads

Most browsers would not stop you from downloading a thousand versions of just one file, the file name would just be slightly changed with a “(1)”, “(2)” and so on to differentiate between the copies of the file. Well, if you are using the Chrome Beta for Android, you would rather be asked to replace the file or create a new file for it before downloading it (you need to download the latest version to use this feature).


Chrome Beta Prevents Duplicate Downloads

Even though this feature seem to be a very small change, it is very much welcome on a platform where storage space comes on a premium. The reasons for which browsers don’t normally check on the downloads folder to see if the name of a file already exist before downloading it seem to be unknown. Even the desktop Chrome is yet to have this feature.

Bringing this feature to Android first is a smart move as we don’t have issues with limited storage space on desktop as we do on smartphones. A lot of phones don’t even come with file browsers.

There is no word out yet on whether this functionality would be deployed to other versions of Chrome.

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