Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 To Be Cheaper Costing No More Than $1000

Details about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 have been getting revealed for a while now. Part of these details include the fact that the new Galaxy Fold will come in a clamshell design following the Motorola Razr’s footsteps.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will be a considerably cheaper than the current model due to several factors including a significant change in the design. The foldable screen area is now smaller. That added to reduced cost of production has made the phone more available to those with a little less to spend on phones than the price of the previous Galaxy Fold.

This device should cost around $840 in its home country, South Korea, and will reach around $1,000 when it hits the global market.

The price of this new Fold will give it an edge over the previously released Fold, making it easy to access.

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