ShareCloud App : Alternative To FlashShare App for Sharing Apps, Files, Music, Videos etc

Shareapps app for android

ShareCloud app (formerly called “Share Apps”) is a free Android application that lets you share apps that you have on your phone with a friend by sending them the apk file. It also allows you to share other files (Music,Video,Image,Document… ). It’s simply a cool alternative to Flash Share app.

ShareCloud will share those files by:

★Face-to-Face Share (NO need mobile traffic. NO need WiFi router)
★Google Drive

Kindly note that the sharing option that will be available for you whenever you want to use Shareclod to share, will depend on the type of file you want to share.

For example, as at the time of posting this, you can not use ShareCloud app to share a pdf file on your phone with a Whatsapp contact. You will not see “whatsapp” in the sharing options. Even if you want to share an app with a Whatsapp contact or on Facebook, Sharecloud will share the google play download link of the app, NOT the apk file itself. You can use the app to share music, video, images directly with your Whatsapp contacts though…

Share cloud also features “Face-to-Face Share and Receive”. This simply allows you to easily share files with a friends who have installed ShareCloud app on their android devices without the need of data or Wifi router. It is  the fastest way to share Apps between Android devices with hotspot.

Download ShareCloud ( “Share Apps” ) for Android

You can download ShareCloud from Google Play store here.

If you need the apk file of ShareCloud, you can download the Shareapps apk file here.

Have fun!

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