You Can Double Your iPhone’s Charging Speed By Following These Simple Tips.

THESE are the handy tips which can help you to charge your iPhone in double the time. If you always seem to be out of juice, then these simple steps should help to keep your battery bar in the green.

1. Turn on flight mode

Switch your phone to flight mode while its charging and you’ll find that the power bar creeps up that little bit faster.

In this mode, your phone can’t connect to Wi-Fi or mobile networks, so your battery usage will decrease and your device will power up faster.

This option can be found in your phone’s settings menu, or by swiping up from the bottom of your home screen.

2. Turn on low-power mode

Activate low power mode by delving into the battery option under the settings menu and your screen’s energy consumption will decrease drastically.

This mode will also shut down any background functions chewing through your power supply, meaning your phone will store more juice while plugged in.

3. Turn off push notifications

Push notifications are the little icons and messages which your phone displays on its lock screen whenever you get a text or an update.

Switching these off while you’re plugged in will help to keep power to a minimum, preventing your phone screen from flashing up and eating power.

4. Use the best charger available

This one’s a no-brainer, but using a more powerful charger will leave your phone fully-juiced in less time.

iPad chargers actually have a higher power output than iPhone chargers and charge ports on your computer, so will boost your battery at a greater speed.

However, some users have stressed that this will put extra strain on your phone’s battery, which risks longer-term damage.

With all of these hacks, Business Insider reports that your phone will charge at twice the speed, and can be supercharged in just five minutes.

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